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What we do?

How we do it?

Collaborators network

Insight advantages

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Senior team


A team of seasoned professionals from the financial and real estate sectors with hundreds of transactions analyzed and executed.



What we do

We broker investment/divestment opportunities in hotel land plots and hotels in operation, with focus on Spain, Central America and the Caribbean working alongside leading operators and investors in the hospitality sector.

OUR Know-How

How we do it

We create long term value for clients, land owners, real estate investors and hotel operators through the early detection, management, development and presentation of opportunities and projects in the hospitality sector


Collaborators network

Through our strong network of collaborators and partners woven along the years, we are in constant search of the best investment opportunities in hotel land plots and operating hotels at the best urban and vacation destinations in Spain, Central America and the Caribbean offering unique business opportunities.

Access to investors and operators

Insight advantages

Thanks to our extensive professional track record, we enjoy access to a wide network of institutional and private investors as well as to leading hotel operators interested in hotel and hospitality projects.

Portfolio opportunities

Balearic Islands

37 4* and 3* hotels, and other 8 ones of inferior category which sum more than 10.400 rooms

Canary Islands

28 5*, 4* and 3* hotels totalizing 6.900 keys in the best locations

Mainland Coast

22 4* and 3* hotels in the most demanded coasts amounting to more than 4.200 rooms

Caribbean and  Central America

8 5* and 4* hotels in the most consolidated and emerging destinations, summing more than 1.600 keys, and astounding land plots to develop new resorts

Urban Spain

22 5*, 4* and 3* hotels in the chief Spanish cities which sum 2.200 rooms

Urban Europe and the Americas

11 5* and 4* hotels Europe and America totalizing more than 2.700 keys

recursos humanos

Senior Team

Pedro Bécares 

Managing partner
+34 606 937 908

Degree in Economic and Business Sciences from the University of Valladolid in the specialty of Marketing and UNED in the specialty of General Economics. Advanced Course in Business Management and Administration at IE Business School, General Management Program at I.E.S.E. Business School- University of Navarra, course in INSEAD of Leadership, Program in the IEB of valuation of credit portfolios and Executive Program of Management of Real Estate Companies in the I.E.
Most of his professional career has been developed at BBVA bank where he has carried out, among others, the following areas of responsibility: Corporate and Corporate Banking Directorate in the Eastern Region (Comunidad Valenciana Murciana y Balear), Anida Management ( Spain and Portugal), President of BBVA Propiedad SII (Real Estate Investment Company), Director of Recoveries of assets in arrears (Spain and Portugal).
Currently teaching the following courses at  I.E. Business School: Co-Direction of the Advanced Programs of Asset Management of Real Estate and Digital Transformation of Real Estate Companies. Collaborating as a Senior Advisor in Mazars (International Consultant)

Juan Carlos Moreno

Managing partner
+34 690 668 068

Bachelor in Economic and Business Sciences from the Complutense University of Madrid, (Business). Courses of Foreign Trade, Finance, Valuation of Companies and Real Estate in the hotel sector.
Most of his professional activity has been developed in Banking. Originally in Public Banking: Construction Credit Bank and Industrial Credit Bank, where he held the following responsibilities among others: Business Director in La Rioja and Regional Manager of the Canary Islands. After the move to Private Banking in Argentaria and BBVA, he took over the Risk Management of several Territories (Galicia, Castilla La Mancha, Extremadura and Madrid). The Sectoral Director of risks was carried out in: Agri-food, Distribution, Transport and Hotel Industry.
He held the Sectoral Management of Hotel Risks in the BBVA Group for 20 years, which was combined with the Risk Responsibility of Catalonia and Brussels in the Corporate Area. All this  allowed him to maintain a very fluid relationship with the major Spanish hotel chains, Sol Meliá, Barceló, NH, RIU, Iberostar, Fiesta, Sirenis, Piñero, Catalonia, H10, among others.

Enrique Villalba

Managing partner
+34 600 975 455

Ph. D. from the Madrid Polytechnic University, Mining Engineer (Madrid School of Mines) and MD in International Economy (Secretary of State of Commerce). Started his career in Arthur Andersen, now Deloitte, as Senior Manager. Subsequent  positions held included:  Head of Analysis and Chairman of the Investment Committee in Beta Capital Mees Pierson Bank, today part of BNP Paribas Fortis Group; Senior Vicepresident of Planning, Strategy and Corporate Development  in Altadis, today part of Imperial Tobacco Group; Managing Director responsible for Strategy and Corporate Development of the e-Commerce Business Unit in BtoB factory-Banco Santander; Managing Director Corporación Industrial IBV and CEO and 20%-owner acquired through a buy-in operation along with a Private Equity Fund in Nervión Industries .

He was CEO of several TIC companies and founded his own Corporate Finance advisory firm which operated in the second half of the 2000s.